1. Create new Activation key for new Telegram user.
1.1 Go to Dashboard > Telegram
1.2 Click on Create New Key
1.3 Copy created key and read below..

2. Use activation key in Telegram
2.1 Click here for view our TelegramBot;
2.2 Click START;
2.3 Send message with slash and without quotes "/activate YOU_ACTIVATION_KEY";
2.4 Buy needed package and start check vehicles;

3. Base commands
3.1 /help - Help for all commands;
3.2 /balance - Check you balance;
3.3 VIN_NUMBER - Insert any vin for starting checking;
3.4 Upload VIN Sticker with BarCode - Example VIN Sticker;
3.5 /reports - View last buying;
3.6 /logout - Deactivate you Key;


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