1. Terms of the agreement:

The main condition of this agreement is the use of publicly available information obtained from the WEBSITE (hereinafter vehiclehistory.io) solely in the individual, personal interests of everyone using the WEBSITE SERVICES (hereinafter the service) of this SERVICE. The use of information obtained by the USER as a result of the provision of the WEBSITE SERVICES of this SERVICE for commercial purposes, namely resale for profit, is prohibited and is subject to copyright law. Information reports provided to the USER as a result of operation of vehiclehistory.io are the property of American corporations - sources and are provided to the USER free of charge, the established cost for using the service is justified by the costs of maintenance and technical support of the WEBSITE. Payment from the USER is charged for the technical support and maintenance of the SERVICE.

2. User Responsibilities:

2.1. By accepting this agreement, the USER undertakes to:
   2.1.1. Use informational reports received from vehiclehistory.io only for personal interests, i.e. for personal needs when searching or purchasing a car from the USA and Canada.
   2.1.2. Do not use informational reports received from vehiclehistory.io, in order to get any profit, which otherwise is a direct violation of copyright law.

2.2. By accepting this agreement, the USER agrees:
   2.2.1. In that it pays for the services of searching and providing it with publicly available information developed by CARFAX and AutoCheck corporations in a convenient form for use, and not for access to the information itself, which would be a violation of copyright law.
   2.2.2 In that perceives vehiclehistory.io as a tool designed to help the buyer in choosing a quality car from the USA and Canada, and not as a commercial project.
   2.2.3. The fact that payment is taken in order to maintain vehiclehistory.io on the Internet.

The sole purpose of the SITE is nothing more than to assist customers in acquiring high-quality vehicles imported from the United States and Canada.

3. General terms of use.

3.1. The user acknowledges that vehiclehistory.io may place restrictions on the use of the service. vehiclehistory.io is not responsible for any delays, malfunctions or late delivery of User requests.
3.2. The user acknowledges that vehiclehistory.io may change the rules and restrictions at any time, with or without prior notice.
3.3. vehiclehistory.io does not participate in possible disagreements and disputes (including legal ones).
3.4. vehiclehistory.io guarantees permanent or unconditional access to the service. The operation of the service may be disrupted by force majeure and other factors, the prevention or overcoming of which is beyond the capabilities of vehiclehistory.io
3.5. No information or advice given by vehiclehistory.io can be considered as a guarantee, as it is a consultation, but not a technical way of ensuring the provision of a service.
3.6. vehiclehistory.io is not responsible for the compatibility of the service with the data, programs, configurations and other hardware and software resources of the User. It also excludes any liability for damages that arise from the fact that a third party has improperly used the service.
3.7. vehiclehistory.io does not guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted. Under no circumstances vehiclehistory.io will not be liable for direct or indirect damage caused to the User as a result of the use or inability to use the service; carelessness; or incurred as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions in work, deletion of files, defects, delays in work or data transfer.
3.8. vehiclehistory.io reserves the right to improve or modify the service at any time.
3.9. A user who is not satisfied with the service, terms, conditions, quality, its content or the practice of providing the service has the exclusive right of the User to stop using the service.